(empathy) Week 6 : What did the Professionals Say – secondary research

How about the professionals? Did they believe their was a lack of empathy in Singapore.

Generation Me Is amongst our university community. They call us university students selfish and empathetic. We do what is best for ourselves and not the group. Similar to the results from our interviews people were not coming together as a community in the university environment. The question we need to answer is how can we bring students together to help one another. Generation Me

But it is not just the NTU environment where empathy is becoming a concern. There is studies to show that Singaporean’s are suffering from an emotion deficit. Studies ranked us Singaporeans as the most emotionless nation. Should we be concern by tackling as issue so ingrained in the culture of the nation. Singapore Confronts an Emotion Deficit

However, fear not as other organisation and groups are taking the opportunity to work with communities to tackle these issues.

NTU Peer Helpers

Singapore Kindness Movement


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