(empathy) Week 8-9: Preparation of our first Hang in There protoype

Now that we had an idea it was time we tested it. This was a turning point in the “design thinking” process as we stepped out of the comfort of class and prepared “Hang in There” for the community. It was time to solve the logistical questions.

Who: We decided to test a smaller community in NTU first to see how students reacted. The ADM student were our test dummies. We wanted to see if the students would use it and also if they understood the concept.  This would give us a change to modify it before taking in to a larger range of NTU students.


The location we selected was the basement in NTU.


It was the ideal location for testing because:

  1. Students often went there to take breaks and recharge due to the vending machine
  2. It was private so people were less likely to see each other writing encouraging anonymous posting of issues.
  3. The walls were pinnable allowing for the best installation.


We selected a straightforward method of hanging up enveloped using twine and pegs. It was playful way to display the students plights.



When: We selected the week after recess week. Nerves were high as students stress about final submissions and FYP. This also gave us time to collect materials and prepare the required documents needed for installation.


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