(empathy) Week 10-11: Installation of our first Hang in There prototype

The prototype of “Hang in There” showed the potential of our project. It was a big step in the right direction to go from the “ideation” stage into a physical mockup.

The most challenging component of this prototype was the redtape we needed to overcome to install the initial prototype. Early prototypes are meant to be rapid, however this was a drawn out process. It took multiple conversations with administration with ADM to finally get approved.

We accepted a change in location, which surprisingly turned out to be far more suitable.

We initially installed “Hang in There” guerrilla style. Although we had the required permission, the waiting time was unbearable. Our discussions about design thinking spoke about challenging the associated authority to take action.

We boldly hung up our project, pushing past the barrier. This project saw instant results, highlighting it’s potential.It was within minutes of installing that we had our first reply. Over a week long process we observed as students started to help and support one another. 988511_10152712558077797_7287695736256342718_n

I wrote a personal message to test the reaction others might have when student’s replied. My envelope spoke of being homesick since being at NTU. I got a range of replies from funny to serious. It was such an uplifting feeling to count the replies and read them, feeling the support from my fellow students.

This prototype pushed us to see some of the early flaws in the project. We need to find solution to some of the key flaws. Most importantly we noticed people didn’t return for their message. We put this down to the fact instructions were unclear.

Another issue was the lack of a complete cycle. To overcome this we added a collection envelope and clearer instructions. This was to remind students to come and collect their envelopes allowing for others to participate.


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