1. From the beginning. . . a collection of thoughts

Hi! So as you guys have been on the journey with us from the start, you know what a bumpy ride it has been for transportation. With larger than life ideas we had trouble focusing and narrowing our scope. After some exploring we were able to pick a starting point and soon our project evolved in to a larger scale than we expected. To date we have accomplished a great deal. So far we have newly designed maps for all the shuttle buses on campus, designed a new way to display information about major locations, and have been working on an icon set to represent our campus. There have been significant victories beyond just designing maps; the student union has agreed to change the paper signs in front of the busses to make them easier to read and increase the brightness of the led signs on top of the busses. At first glance these might seem like miniscule problems- but problems none the less. At one point or the other we have all- even for a brief moment have thought ‘man, I wish I could read that sign better.’ Often in good design we do not even notice its genius, well, because it works. Only when something is a slight bit off or does not properly is it usually brought to our attention. Additionally, we finally had a recent breakthrough in our communication efforts with the student union. After countless (nameless) emails back and forth we were starting to lose hope in their support or interest. But finally we received a response with personal contact details and have continued our conversation on Whatsapp to facilitate a more informal environment to discuss ideas. At this stage we have been communicating with this individual about our vision and goal, as well as what we have worked on. We also received a brief outline from the student unions perspective. They have also contacted an app developer for which they have requested our aid in designing content for. As a group we are still deciding on how to proceed with this matter this late in the term. Over the next few days we will be sharing parts of our design document with you guys. Please feel free to comment and share any suggestions. -Thanks, Transportation Group (Team name tbd)


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