EasyBreezy: What is stress? And how do we help stressed people?

After having discussion in class with all groups, we met up and discussed the results in our group of three.

2015-04-09 15.43.372015-04-09 15.43.43

Our focus of discussion was:

What do people need when they’re stressed

We already got a couple of stories regarding stress from the group discussions in class. These were interesting and they showed us that stress is mostly felt when people are

– are under time pressure

– pressure of taking decisions

– money or work issues (these were mostly connected to each other)

These insight were interesting but we couldn’t determine what people really need when they’re stressed out. To find out what people really think about stress we decided to start a survey. This will be described in the next post in detail.

Furthermore Adel started online research and found out what people mostly do to reduce stress. These include:

– excercise

– sleep

– listening to music

– talk/meet other people/friends

– eat and drink

– watch movies/television the infographics below underline these insights.



By starting our survey we were excited whether people would take the same responses by asking them how to reduce their stress

What is stress? Adel started detailed research on this matter: Stressful situation: Dropped phone, Study, Breakup, Work, Deadline, Not enough time. All problems we have figured out that leads to stress is mainly about our responsibilities we are tied to in life and speed of life. We do not have enough time to sit back, relax and take a slow pace to look at things around. Stress had traditionally been seen as an issue for individuals rather than a reaction to poorly managed or poorly designed jobs.

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