(empathy) Week 13: Our Visual Identity

It’s decided. The Social Monkey is here to stay. Aurelia has been calling him Monki. Or Empathy Monki. He’s our mascot.


“Yo. Because ya kno’, I’m a social monkey. Monkeys are social creatures. Yeahh”

By the way, our second version of prototype got filled up in no time! Whee!

The response to the new look has been fantastic. Generally, people prefer the new version with different coloured envelopes. It gives cheerful vibe to our project.

This is our second prototype – with more colours for the note and two kinds of envelopes. We also added another line to accommodate more responses.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.38.46 pm

A couple of days later…

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.46.26 pm

Cheerful vibe is good. Noted.

Now we are at the final stage of perfecting our prototype into a final product: visual identities development. Starting with a poster draft:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.38.52 am

One problem that we encountered in the first prototype was that people failed to notice that they are supposed to take down their envelopes after it’s filled up, so that new slots can be freed up for others. By means of illustrated guide featuring our Monki, we hope we’ll be able to solve this problem by making the instruction clearer.

Nanci gave us feedback on the poster: it lacks a bit of hierarchy. And the font is too small. Well, we’re working on that.

Meanwhile, we are designing the rest of Hang in There! kit, so that people may get everything that they need in order to install this project in their own community fairly easily and spread the movement.

We are also contacting the NTU Student Union if we can install this in the campus Student Activity Centre (a kind of common student lounge in NTU). By the time this post is written, we have received a word that our proposal is being “followed up”. Crossing our fingers here!

This is week 13, the week commonly believed to be the most hectic week for all ADM students. So as an Empathy team, we’d like to wish all of you guys,

Hang in There!! 



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