(empathy) Week 14: Going outside ADM

Good news for Monki. It’s going to venture outside our glass wall school.

Long story short, we managed to secure a permit to install Hang in There in NTU. In the Student Activity Centre, to be precise. It’s a common lounge for students to… lounge, study and play games together, managed by NTU Student Union. Kudos for them for their cooperation.

Right now, we’ll speeding up the design and production of our Hang in There set so we can set it up as soon as possible. Exam period is coming to NTU – we simply can’t ask for a better timing to promote empathy around! We’re so excited for this. Are you?

As a sneak peak, here’s our updated infographic poster.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.54.23 pmWe’ll make another update when our Hang in There station is really up in the Student Activity Centre, probably in another two days or three. For those wondering where it is, it’s in North Spine, beside the One Stop @ North Spine, directly below our Lee Wee Nam library. Enter via the Global Lounge.

See you there!


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