2. Good Transportation System: Why should we care ?

No matter what is proposed one might think that our current system is sufficient. On that basis, we will never be able to drive innovation and advancement. We have come to accept satisfactory rather than extraordinary. In NTU’s path to rising on the global scale, transportation is seemingly overlooked. In order for any community to excel improvements in transportation is vital- it is after all the link in the infrastructure.

The bus system is something every single one of us that has contact with at one point or the other at NTU. There is a common belief that often good design is the one you do not notice, but it is clearly evident that NTUs system is far from that ideal. From point A to B, the journey is full of frustration. I am sure many would agree that transportation is vital for a community- maybe even the key to survival.

Alright, we are aware that is a bit of an exaggeration, but nonetheless the statement does demonstrate its importance. According to William Catton, transportation is a social leveraging strategy called Scope Enlargement. Many schools are recognizing the great importance transportation has and are placing a great part of their resources into research and development toward a more eart friendly and efficient system. At NTU we witness constant changes but not significantly- it is like taking the same broken pieces, rearranging them and expecting a significantly different result.


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