3. Initial Observations

Our method: We started off our planning process with a brain storming session with approximately 16 individuals of varying backgrounds. Starting with a very broad scope of NTU in general, we found an emerging pattern: problems with transportation. From the vehicle used to routes and frequency, the whole system deemed to be chaotic.

Using this basis, we began to investigate the problems/inefficiencies. After a few sessions we narrowed down our scope to information delivery. Present and new members (i.e. exchange students) of the NTU community had some strong opinions about the current lack and inconsistency of the available information.

We brainstormed and discussed with the class three times in order to really grasp the scope of transportation at NTU.


The second time:


And, last but not least, the third time:


Common things that were brought up

  • Rude bus drivers
  • Create an application
  • Encourage alternate transportation with some sort of race- awareness activity
  • Implement alternative transport
  • Lack of platform for carpooling

And other concerns around the same topics.

So when we filer we get the following four MAIN concern with the transportation.

  • The information (or the lack of)
  • Poor bus etiquette
  • Alternate transportation
  • Better mobile application (which can be linked with the information category)

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