EasyBreezy: Ideation

During the whole process of finding a good idea to decrease the stress level of ADM students, we came up with a few ideas. Some of them where dismissed at a pretty early stage, others were worked out more and got us to new ideas.



You type in what kind of stress you are feeling currently (for example to many people, too noisy) and your location and the app recommends you what and where you could do something to get rid of that stress (“there is a park nearby, take a walk”, “feed the ducks at the lake” etc.)

As this app would be interactive, people suggest spots and activities which helped them in stressful situations and therefore the possibilities of relieving stress are bigger and could be individualized easier.




Tea has a calming effect on body and mind, so why not use this healthy and easy remedy to relief stress?

A carefully chosen composition of different ingredients which are known to have a calming and relaxing effect(for example lavender and chamomile) should be used for the stress relief tea.




Cat cafes are getting more and more popular. People just feel happy and calm down in an environment full of cute  and cuddly (baby) animals.

But how to use this idea for our purpose? We thought about the cats which are all over the campus but we dismissed the whole idea because it’s not really good to implement . Taking care of animals is not a task which should be handled too easily.


-stressbuster kit


A kit which includes games, questions and tips to get rid of stress. Depending on your stress (work related, relationship, anxiety etc.), the kit provides you with cards and goodies to help you overcome the stress.




A space where people can vent stress by writing their problems down or by physical relief for example hitting a punching bag or sports.


-accumulate good stress


A different approach would be  to accumulate good Stress which could actually be helpful.

Turning unhealthy stress to something which motivates you. This could be achieved by organizing more and prevent stress which appears due to  bad time management.


-“middleman” between students and a professional therapist


Create something  which stands between a professional therapist and the student.

A lot of people are embarrassed to go to a therapist but giving them the opportunity to talk to other students,  it possibly wouldn’t be such a burden for them to take this step. Something like “from students, for student”.

Supporting them in times of stressful events, like taking them for lunch to chat or accompany them to events they are afraid of and therefore very stressed and anxious about.


(posted by Nisha)


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