EasyBreezy: stress room

With the results of the survey, we pinpointed out a few prominent points. What do people do most of the time, when they are stressed?

-They go for a walk
-Listen to music

Focusing on those relaxation helpers, we met again an brainstormed. What could we do to include all those three factors?

“The Room”


A room in the ADM where people can relax:

-A small seating corner(Cafe) where people could chat

-The idea of including a wall where people write what concerns them, formed in our heads and we decided to make it interactive:
People should write and every note gets a response from our team. Furthermore, other students can answer to, by sticking notes next to it.

-Another area we decided on was dedicated to sleep.
Beenbags in seperateted spaces for short powernaps and plugs for earphones which played relaxing music, would provide a calming and soothing atmosphere.

To promote the room, we thought about the idea of a stress kit which would be handed out to students in their first week and making them more interested and curious about the concept.


I came up with rough designs for a box where we could include a sleeping mask, socks, earplugs, TigerBalm, mintoil, sweets, tea and a description of “The Room” printed at the back of the lid of the box.

Everything to match “The Room” and help to trigger the relaxation process. People should be able to have an area to return to and gain new energy for what is to come.

(posted by Nisha)


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