(empathy) Week 15-16: Implementation – the second leg of Project Hang in There!

Good news came in the middle of week 15 – we got the permit! Thanks to the NTU Student Union!

Project Hang in There is finally spreading its wings beyond the ADM wall – to the main NTU campus. Mainly, the Student Activity Center, managed by the NTU Student Union. Thank you NTUSU for their cooperation!


The Student Activity Centre @ North Spine – a student lounge for students to study, socialise and relax in.

And then in week 16, the final week, we installed the second Hang in There! station, just as the exams approached for most NTU students. Our best hope is that with this, anyone who needs extra encouragements may find it.


The second leg of Hang in There project in the corner of SAC study zone.


Student Activity Centre study zone. We installed our station in a corner, similar to our first leg @ ADM. It’s a wooden platform in the end of the study zone, on which students usually gather to study in a more relaxed manner.


Can you see Monki in its comfy corner?

Perhaps somewhat unfortunately, the usually lively SAC has been seeing fewer people due to the construction going on. But by the end of the day, we managed to get a few responses. It’s a start, at least!

This week also saw the release of our Facebook page. Like and share it when you find it. 😀

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.52.15 am

And also, our Hang in There kit!

11186286_10152788740522797_9033018_n (1)The kit consists of:

1.  A3 Poster

2.  Envelopes

3.  Stickers

4.  Markers

5.  Strings, Pegs and Pins

6.  Instruction Card

7.  Post It Notes and Cards for writing

8.  Tote Bag

This kit will allow other faculties or halls to feature their own wall of empathy. Our long term goal is to spread this project across NTU.

We thank you for all the support! The two stations will be up during the entire exam period.

We have a lot of fun doing this, and we hope you do too!
Lastly, because this is THE exam period, we’d like to wish you:




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