The Steam Team Final Prototype Session

Reworking Session 2

Working off the feedback, we went through another round of the salmon rice on our own, to test the cooking time again on a cooker, and we tweaked the portion of rice, to see if we could up the quantity to be cooked in the cooker.


The rice took the 20 mins indicated to cook. So, it might have been some error or setting in the particular cooker used in Session 2 that caused it to take longer than it should. We added an extra cup of rice, and the cooker managed to accommodate that, and serve up a more generous serving.

Final Session/ Session 3

For Session 3, we prototyped it off-location, as final submissions and examinations were drawing near and it was inconvenient and difficult to find participants willing to make time for a cookout in school. Prototyped for a session with some group mates, two of whom live on-campus, working on an assignment. Held in a home kitchen, with ingredients provided with the 5-dollar fee, and the recipe card was issued and instructions given.

Recipe tested: Quinoa with mushrooms.


eneral consensus was that the recipe card was easy to follow and understandable,

ingredients were simple and the process fuss-free.


The dish took the stipulated 25 mins to cook through.

IMG_5579  IMG_5592

Comments and Feedback:

Sauteeing in the cooker would throw one off, since rice-cooker recipes were meant to be more fuss-free.

– Tested another round without sautéing garlic at bottom of the pot, and the dish came out fine too.

Quinoa was something new to all 3 participants, and all said the smell was somewhat off-putting.

– “Smelt of ginseng”

– All found it to taste pretty decent, deemed it to be something in between couscous and long-grain rice.


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