The Steam Team Prototype Session 1

Our very first prototype session; dishes cooked were:
1) Pumpkin with quinoa, buckwheat, pearl barley, white rice
2) Konbu soup with eggs and mushrooms
3) Teriyaki stiry fry chicken breast strips
4) Honeyed tomatoes


As this was our first session, we were unsure of how to approach the cooking process; instructions were disjointed and vague.
– To solve this, we decided to print recipe cards for future sessions with a full list of ingredients and instructions.
– The portions could be pre-packed and then given out when a cooking session begins to minimise time wastage.



People have commented that the food tastes quite bland; no seasonings were added to the food (save for the teriyaki chicken and honeyed tomatoes). In addition, some of the dishes prepared required specialised equipment that were not readily available on campus, such as a fridge for the honeyed tomatoes and induction cooker.
– We decided to explore the possibility of including a few spices or seasonings in future sessions.
– We decided to streamline the entire cooking process so that it could be done just with a rice cooker as it was more convenient.


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