The Steam Team Prototype Session 2

Reworking Session 1

Following up from the feedback and critique from our first prototype session, we refined the process by applying the solutions we had came up with in response to the problems that arose from the previous session.

We edited the proposal to make things clearer for ourselves before we carried out the session:

ADM Cookout Ver. 2


To encourage students to adopt healthy eating habits by subliminally educating them on healthy eating habits, ingredients and recipes.


Project Methodology:

The team will organize a once-a-month mass cookout session in which participating students will prepare a healthy and wholesome meal in ADM using induction cookers in groups. The mass cookout will be held once a month, for 45 minutes on a Thursday evening (6.15pm-7pm; dinner). Participating students will have to sign up for each session in advance and a participation fee (of S$5) that will be used to purchase ingredients for the cookout session.This sign up will be taking place on a first-come -first serve basis; taking into account logistics – ie. how much food can be prepared using the available number of induction cookers.


A new recipe will be introduced every session, which the participating students will follow to prepare said dish. The recipe, written on specially designed cards will be given out to the participating students at the start of each session. Students will be split into groups of 5-6, and provided with the required ingredients (prepared in advance; ie. washed, chopped and measured). Each group will also be provided with a rice-cooker. They will then follow the recipes (on the provided cards) and work together as a group to prepare the meal using the rice cooker and ingredients. The actual cooking time is expected to take 20-25 minutes, after which the prepared food will be split among the group members for consumption.


After the session, the students will be allowed to keep the recipe cards, so that they may continue to prepare the meals learnt on their own. In this way, the team hopes to spark a movement of healthy eating via rice cooker, by showing students, through the means of active participation and socialisation, how to prepare simple and easy healthy meals.



Have a mass cooking session with three rice cookers and 18-20 participants. A healthy recipe will be prepared in advance and printed on small cards. The team will prepare the required ingredients in advance, including any necessary chopping, washing and peeling, in addition to separating them into the required portions. The students will be split into groups of 5-6, and given one rice cooker per group. They will then, as a group, prepare the meal using the given recipe cards. The cooking session should take an estimated 20-25 minutes, after which each group will split its food among its members and the students will proceed to eat together.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Recipe cards printed and handed out to both teams.

Recipe tested: Salmon that I used to know (Salmon and Spinach rice)


Setup: 2 Groups of 4. Held on-location at the Student Lounge.


Comments and Feedback:

– One of the cookers used during the session took significantly longer than the 20-min average to cook the meal.

– Flavour of the salmon rice could use more flavour ie. more salt/ seasoning (ginger powder was the seasoning to use indicated in the recipe, but it was optional and not provided during the session)

– The amount cooked in both cookers were sufficiently portioned for the 10pax session, but everyone generally wished for a larger portion, for 5 dollars.

– Despite the various problems that arose from this session, we managed to get everyone involved in the cooking process; the participants were clearer on how to tackle the cooking process because of the recipe cards provided.


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