10. Taking A Different Approach (Transportation)

We decided to take matters into our own hands by doing an elephant prototyping. We printed the bus routes and information that we wanted the bus stops to have and pasted them over the boards at canteen 2 bus stop, canteen A and canteen B. We also put feedback materials for people to note what they thought was useful/good/bad/etc.

We passed by several times within the span of 2 days, and saw that there were a few slips of paper at the bus stops (YAY TO FEEDBACKS!) however, after the 4th day, our prototypes have been removed. We never got them back, no feedbacks, no prints, no results. How sad.

We also received feedback from the class to include major icons of each bus stop. So we further improved our bus map with the suggestions given.

Bus Map (Design Thinking)-01


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