4. Our rough action plan

Now that as a group and class we identified some core issues; what were we going to do next?!

  1. We started off with some basic brain storming for each of the categories and explore the possible different solutions. It was important we do this before any research, because often research can hinder our creativity with limitations about what we can do and we cannot.
  2. IMG_7126Once our initial brainstorming was finished. We did some back ground research about what out there, and see if we can find any other campus as our base example. Though we could not find a campus plan, we came across some design projects by universities like MIT with plans for smart bus shelters.
  3. Meet to discuss our findings and narrow down to two possible solutions; which in our case became information and delivery and bus etiquette. After our meeting we decided that etiquette was too socially rooted problem for us to tackle (and honestly didn’t tickle our fancy as much as confronting the information delivery problem)

Within the Bus information system we dissected into the following elements:

  1. Bus signage
  2. Bus information at the stops
  3. Mobile Applications
  4. Online information

Over the next few weeks we hoped to examine and redesign elements of each of these four major components.


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