EasyBreezy: Poster and Sticker Pack


Here’s our poster for the stress group. Our group name is called “easybreezy” as inspired by the sessions we have conducted on campus.

postersticker pack

We have created a prototype of the sticker pack after our last breathing and laughing session.

Poster: The poster design was created with the concept of destressing by cutting the letter “S” in between.

Sticker Pack: The sticker pack is a momento for participants who join easybreezy session. This is because we want them to remember what we did during the sessions when they see the stickers. The stickers are designed to be like post-it, serve as a form of reminder whenever troubles or stress are met.

Logo: The logo is created with the use of “e” and “b” as our group name is called easybreezy. The color choice are different shades of blue to differentiate the letters clearer and it works because it looks kind of like a health logo. Font: Futura

(posted by Lee Xin Yi Adel)


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