Steam Team: Reflections

Looking back, we did struggle as we went down the list of 3 proposed ideas to get to something that was do-able within the semester’s timeframe, and feasible. There was a fair amount of red tape to get through with regards to our proposals involving Student Housing and getting an external vendor to collaborate with us on a lunch-hour catering service. We did lose quite a substantial amount of time trying to get in contact with the personnel-in-charge, and it was disheartening to get negative responses, and unwillingness to take on the assignment. But, ultimately, the Steam Team proposal which we decided on and refined did work out for the best. It is a program that had benefits that reached beyond just healthy eating. It would help to bring the ADM community together, and to encourage mingling amongst friends and among the different majors. Also, it would provide one with a nourishing meal during a stressful submissions crunch. Hence, even wiithout any red tape to consider, the Steam Team would still clearly be the ideal solution to the problem of Healthy Eating on Campus, but perhaps that and the Lunch-hour catering from an external health-food vendor would have made a very solid collective movement to incorporate Healthy Food into the student lifestyle here. Both events would not clash, as the Steam Team sessions would be held fortnightly and in the evenings, and the Health-food delivery could carry on throughout the weekdays on a regular basis at lunch.

In terms of sustainability, we have considered proposing this to the ADM welfare committee to take on, in place of the Student-run cafe that used to be at the Student Lounge, as an avenue for students to earn CCA points. This would ensure the program would be carried on with sufficient motivation by personnel required to carry out the administrative tasks of setting up the rice cookers for the session, collection of payment, and purchasing and portioning of ingredients. As raised in class, this might be considered a business set-up involving the sale of fresh cooked food, so some food licensing may be involved. That would be something to further look into should the committee be interested in this.

Work-wise, the four of us were all Visual Communication majors with similar skill sets. There were miscommunications during the early stages and we were handicapped in terms of looking at the external vendors and perhaps discussing our plans with them on a more business and financial level of things, and the logistical considerations of Student Housing which we would not have been familiar with. So the best fit for us was the Steam Team proposal, where we could plan and organise a ADM-specific community event that helped to serve the school, and fulfil the purpose of our assignment. It was definitely an enriching experience on the whole.


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