EasyBreezy: What do the people think about stress?

In order to find out what the ADM students really think about stress, we rollled out a survey with different questions regarding the daily level of stress, regions where the feel mostly stress and what they do to fight or prevent stress.

The results confirmed our research. It showed that most of the stress was caused by pressure of making decisions, to much work in a short amount of time, having to balance work and school.The survey allowed us to get graphical elements which made the whole survey more feasible. Below there are some of the most important outcomes.

download (1) download (4) download (7) download (9) download (10) download

With these valuable insights we could now focus more on what students need or want to destress. For that we incorporated the survey findings in our next discussions; especially the fourth graphic which tells what studens do to get rid of stress was important and something we stress on.


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