Procrastination Group presents: Hourby


Si Min

How we started:

Procrastination – the action of delaying or postponing something

Survey – Everyone procrastinates! AND people mostly tend to procrastinate on tasks which are less urgent irrespective of its importance.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 09.39.50.png

How can we help people to procrastinate less? Can procrastination be good??


Research: Active procrastination vs Passive procrastination & the Panic Monster

Some people actively procrastinate; they know that they are procrastinating because they prefer to do work under pressure. Passive procrastinators don’t know that they’re procrastinating and eventually cannot cope with the work or stress.

Do you control the panic monster, or does the panic monster control you?


Then we progressed after feedback:

Class feedback: Time is the biggest issue. We don’t have a lot of time; do we use the time we have wisely? How do we reflect on it at the end of the day?


And the concept of Hourby was born.

We don’t have unlimited time!

Let’s track how we use our time, and how satisfied we are with how we use it.

Spend your hours doing what you want, whether it be work or play. You know yourself the best; you know what you should be doing, when you should be doing it.

So what is HourBy?

  • Hourby is an app for people who realize that time is precious, and that every day we have less time left.
  • It’s a constant reminder that we choose how we want to use our time.
  • It is for anyone who wants to be more disciplined in how they use their time.
  • Regular reminders prompt you to rate your time; Good, neutral or bad. You can leave notes to yourself to remind yourself why you were happy or not happy, to motivate yourself to use your future time better.
  • Data visualizations help you to see whether there is any progress and also serve as motivation for improvement.
  • HourBy aims to instill a habit in you; one which will stay with you for life.

How does it work?

  • Every hour (adjustable), a timer beeps and a popup opens, asking you to rate the past hour.
  • This acts as an hourly reflection of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ the past hour was. Did you rest enough or work enough? Or did you end up resting too much or working too much? Rate it yourself. (ergo, active/passive procrastination)

Pretotyped with the Drink Water Reminder app

Self-test feedback

  1. Very long process to finish the rating. Got annoyed of the process. Bad visualization. But I really liked thinking about my hours. I started to plan my days. I changed the time interval to every 3 hours and that fitted me
  2. Used for 2 weeks. Got too frequent after the first week, but started to be more conscious about every hour passing. Ended up only keying in data when I felt like it. Eventually started to think about what I want to do during the day and plan my hours better
  3. Every notification provokes a self-reflection of how I use my time. Get stopped in the middle of your bad hours – for example watching youtube videos. Better planning of time – start to unconsciously plan our time. 10 seconds to open app – too slow – maybe should have a binary object – for example necklace or ring. Many good hours due to pressure from deadlines and from the app

Feedback from other people

  1. Used daily, every waking hour, for one week. User found that it helped to reflect on how the time was spent, as well as to remind to use the next hour well.
  2. Sometimes missed an hour or two, but because the icon stayed at the notification bar on top of the screen, it reminded the user to key in the data.
  3. Found it annoyingly frequent and deleted the app after a day. No benefits felt.
    Did not find it very useful and stopped using the app
  4. Found it too annoying and deleted the app after 3 days. But it made the user think more about how time is being used
  5. Was very productive during the testing time but liked the application, felt more satisfied with the time spent. Never entered the app just used the notification. Really liked that it only was one notification, not one new every hour. Want to change the time intervals on your own, maybe premade ones you can choose.
  6. The water app was too tedious for such a basic result. The usage in the real app has to be much easier.

Reflections from feedback

  • Info page
    • people must understand what we are doing and the purpose of the app if not they can easily get frustrated
  • The people must know if it’s suitable for them
  • No new notifications every hour
  • Ten seconds is too long
  • What the app is going to feedback to the user – many bad hours reflect something to the user and many good hours reflect something (AI and algorithms)
  • Some binary product which would be a clip / necklace – easier to click and some people might already wear watches so a series of accessories instead of one would be better.
  • Missed notification – some hours too busy – manual typing or pop up when you open up the app. 
  • Add setting – can change to two hours one notification or three


And finally, our result.


First clickable prototype: Tested it and got good feedback, so we could do some changes.
– See which hours was bad/good
– See the time you rated
– See the notes you’ve added

The final prototype


The long but fun process behind the application.



With accompanying (optional) accessories: 3D Accessory Renderings

  • Easy to use
  • Two buttons only
  • Green to input that you had a good hour
  • Red to input that you had a bad hour
  • Able to connect the info of what you press through bluetooth or nfc


  • Side buttons
  • The middle will glow red or green according to the stats in the app
  • Before, it was two buttons in the middle without the colour changing feedback to the user

Skärmavbild 2016-11-16 kl. 09.42.42.png


  • Able to clip on to  watch / belt /  clothing / bag
  • More flexible in terms of placing
  • Easily removeable

Skärmavbild 2016-11-16 kl. 09.43.13.png


  • For people who prefer jewellery and wearing the device around their necks
  • Easy to reach
  • Easy to feel the vibration from the device

untitled.4.jpg untitled.5.jpg


– Fun project and process!

– What we could have done different?

  • More specific interview question. Something tangible..
  • Start prototyping earlier
  • Tested and change the final prototype more

and yes, we can’t lie, we have procrastinated a bit 😉

Thanks for us!


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