Hiya! Meet the Empathy team, doing Project Hang in There!


We hope you’ve seen our logo: Empathy Monki, at least. He’s a social monkey!


We are:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.36.13 am

Jen, Augus and Aurelia. Feel free to guess which is which.


Augus Ho from ADM Product Design Year 3

Aurelia Jessica from ADM Visual Communication Year 2

and Jen Constable, an Australian known for her contagious cheerfulness, who is taking both Business and ADM modules in NTU for the semester.



Project Hang in There! is a social installation project in which we are trying to encourage open communication in a community, to foster deep understanding and empathy among its people and tackle the issue of lack of empathy.

To date, we have installed two stations of Hang In There!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.56.10 am

Our first Hang in There station @ NTU ADM (B1 level)


Our second Hang in There! station @NTU Student Activity Center (Study Zone)

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Follow our progress by clicking this link!

or, you can keep track of us here, too. Our entries so far are as follows:

Week 1-3: Observation

Week 4-5: Interviewing students – primary research

Week 6: What do the professionals say? – secondary research

Week 7: Ideation

Week 8-9:  Preparing our prototype

Week 10-11: Our first prototype as Hang in There!

Week 12: We get our identities!

Week 13: Our Visual Identity Draft and Second Prototype

Week 14: Going outside ADM

Week 15-16: Implementation – the second leg of Project Hang in There!

See you around!


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